This is a response to discussion post so you don’t need any citation. I will attache one instruction fine and three readings. No single space and 300-350 words at least is preferable.

Here is example:
How do Talamante and/or Anzalda innovate, through their activism and theories, a Chicana feminist politics at the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality?

Talamante writes that her “political consciousness spring[s] from the fields” of the Santa Clara Valley. Because her feminism originates from observations of farming labor, it exists naturally at the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality. Talamante speaks of a divide between her family and the families of the rancheros, noting that the rancheros home had more material comforts than her own. These observations about farm life created a sense of class consciousness that inspired Talamante to become part of a student volunteer group that advocated for farmers’ rights. Her student activism also focused on creating more representation for Latinx faculty, staff, and students. Talamante’s feminism is different than mainstream feminism that is concerned only with the political representation of women; Talamante’s feminism is focused the political, economic, and social rights of all disenfranchised people who are exploited for labor. This Chicana feminism acknowledges that the same forces that disenfranchise all women are the same forces that disenfranchise the Latinx workers and that liberatory tools that empower one group will empower all disenfranchised people. Talamante went on to identify the forces that economically oppress the global south as ‘imperialism’ and it is impossible to deny that imperialism is also the force that subjugates women in the global south.
Talamante goes on to write of her political activity with groups like the Democratic Workers Party and Chicana Latina Foundation. She briefly discusses the importance of empowerment for Chicana women through their ‘personal, professional, and educational advancement’. Talamante shows that her brand of feminism is not solely about political representation, but rather is about empowering a disenfranchised group. By empowering women in different areas of life, it is figured that political power will follow.
Question for Xaviera Flores:
Are there any primary sources at UCLA from women activists based in Mexico?

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