Final Voiceover Power Presentation

Final Voiceover Power Presentation.

Submit your voiceover PowerPoint presentation, ( topic chosen, a social demographic that might arise in, affect, the criminal justice system) which deals with a social demographic that you think may have a significant impact on the criminal justice system, in the appropriate drop box.

Voiceover PowerPoint Presentation guidelines:

For your 1215 slide voiceover PowerPoint presentation, choose a social demographic or diversity issue that you think may have a significant impact on the criminal justice system. As indicated in the Module 7 notes and the Module 8 notes, race is generally considered an issue in this realm. However, do you see any other demographic that may have an effect, cause a dilemma, or be the foundation for policy or procedural change? Age, ethnicity, religion, culture, SES, educational level, physical/mental ability (disability), are variables you may want to consider.

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Discuss how the demographic selected relates to policy/procedural change. What is the impact on the criminal justice system?

Final Voiceover Power Presentation


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