Financial Impacts of Beoing Crisis

Financial Impacts of Beoing Crisis.

Understanding potential financial impacts of Boeing 737 Max 8 crisis through stock market values and volumes.


2. Go to Yahoo Finance website:

3. Type the name of your company in the search bar and find your company info.

4. Click on the Historical data menu.

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5. Choose the time period January 1 2019 to January 1, 2020 (1 year)

6. Choose Frequency as Weekly.

7. Click on Download Data and download the data in excel file.

8. Repeat item 5 to 6 for Boeing company.

9. Combine your company’s data and boeing data in one file.

10. Create a chart showing Boeing and your company’s stock market prices (choose Close column).

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11. Create a chart showing Boeing and your company’s stock market volumes .

12. Explain what kind of similarities and differences you observe between Boeing and your company in the charts.

13. Can you link the differences between the two to Boeing’s 737 Max 8 crisis. You need to factually relate them.

– paper must contain:
1. The two charts (two charts only) and the explanations for the differences/similarities between the data as they are related to Boeing crisis.

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2. A copy of the excel data file

Financial Impacts of Beoing Crisis


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