Financial Management in Healthcare

Financial Management in Healthcare.

One of the biggest decisions that any healthcare organization can make today is the selection of a new healthcare information system. With so many options available today, how would you go about selecting the best information system for your own community hospital facility? Whom would you involve in the analysis and decision-making process? Finally, what criteria would you use in making the final choice for a new system?

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I would go by selecting the best information system for my own community hospital facility by the deciding factors of what is needed to provide services to a patient in a hospital. I would involve all employees who help make clinical decisions for patient care and business / strategic decisions. These would be all of the following systems that I feel would be needed. Patient monitoring, Nursing information, Laboratory information, Pharmacy information, Radiology information, Respiratory care information, Physical medicine information, & Medical decision support. The criteria used to make the final choice for a new system would be which one benefits the most. Considering it is a community hospital I’m deciding for, I say all systems. 

Financial Management in Healthcare


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