Gabor Maté

Gabor Maté.

  1. What do you think Gabor Maté’s purpose(s) is in writing the book (what are the major themes)? Does he apply a public health framework? Explain.
  2. According to Dr. Maté, is addiction a public health problem or a sociological problem? Could it be both or neither? Do you agree with him?
  3. How does the book relate to the material covered in the course thus far? Is it similar/dissimilar? How so? You can draw on any of the course material such as assigned readings, guest lectures, and films. Provide at least 3 sources from course material to support your analysis.
  4. Review the 15 minute interview with Dr. Maté on TVO’s The Agenda with host Steve Paikin, accessible at What additional understanding about addictions did you gain from this interview, if any, that you did not from the book? Why or why not?
  5. Has this book changed the way you think about addictions? How so or not? Are there any similarities between this book and how you (or someone you know, or have knowledge about) have experienced problematic substance use or addiction in their life?
  6. What does ‘in the realm of hungry ghosts’ mean? Drawing upon a peer-reviewed journal article not assigned in this class, that focuses on animal assisted therapy (AAT), identify how you think AAT can or cannot assist with moving out of the realm of the ‘hungry ghost’. (Include the article citation when submitting your assignment).

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Gabor Maté


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