Gender Studies homework help

Reference listCannon, D. and Gustafson, C. (2002) Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry. Lansing, MI: American Hotel and Lodging Educational InstituteScenario:You are the Training Manager at your current (or former, or even future) place of employment and I (Tracey Caponera) have just been hired (for any position of your choice – relative to your current or past place of employment). Using the notes in Exhibit 5/page 300 on Individual training sessions, BUILD an orientation program for ME. For the assignment, you will need to incorporate the tools available in the chapter (see below) and create the version of the following three items:1. Orientation Checklist – page 293 (yours does not need to be as lengthy as in the chapter – simply make it applicable to the orientation you are developing)2. Orientation Material List – page 2943. Orientation Training Schedule – page 297-298(Tips on page 204 can be used as a guide to create the above three criteria).NOTE: Do NOT use the current orientation or training materials from your current job! The goal of this exercise is for YOU to practice creating an Orientation Program using your knowledge, skills, creativity, and information gained thus far from research or our course textbook.You can use the chapter as your main source of information/research and also incorporate other sources, but ALL sources must be cited at the bottom on your posting.

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