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Part 1 300 word minimumAs more businesses launch and depend on e-commerce and business-to-business portals, the importance of security will continue to increase.Research and discuss what you believe are the largest threats against wired and wireless network security and what measures should be taken to protect against such threats. What would be your first priority if you were a network administrator?Part 2Over the past several years, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company has read articles on Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) attacks and the use of packet sniffers to aid in hacking into computer networks. Though the CEO understands that this is a serious concern, he does not know what, if anything, is being done to protect the organization’s network against such attacks.Prepare a Word document outlining what you have done as the network administrator to protect the network against such attacks, as well as additional measures to secure the network against other security concerns including worms, viruses, DoS attacks, spyware, and other such network intrusions that can disrupt the day-to-day business activities. Explain the concept of a social engineering attack and the methods you would employ to reduce your organization’s exposure to it. Research and explain system logging, and describe why implementing a logging process is important. Provide an example of the different types of logs to be investigated upon detection of an incident and which logsare essential. For example, “attempts to gain access through existing accounts,” “failed resource access attempts,” and“unauthorized changes to users, groups, or services.” Incorporate knowledge gained from completion of your LabSim tasks by referencing applicable content.

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