Global change management executive interview paper

Global change management executive interview paper.

Conduct the interview. You might want to tape record the interview as it will allow you to not have to write detailed notes during the interview and ensure that you have detailed data for your paper.
NOTE: You MUST get permission from the practitioner to tape the interview prior to the interview. Be sure to explain that you are using the tape so you will have details for the paper you need to write. If the interviewee says he/she does not want you to tape the interview, then you cannot tape it.

Instructions for Writing the Interview Paper

In this paper, you are to utilize a change management model and connect the concepts of the model to what the practitioner has told you about his or her efforts in effectuating change management across a global organization. You are expected to use examples from the interview to illustrate elements of the change model.

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You may organize your interview paper in a number of ways, but one acceptable way to organize your paper is to include the following sections:

1. Introduction – Explain your purpose in the paper and what you are covering in the paper.
2. Brief Explanation of the Elements of the Change Model – You do not need to explain the entire model, but you need to include an explanation of the specific parts of the model that you are using in the paper.
3. Description of the Person Interviewed and the Activities/Responsibilities of the person.
4. Application of the Model to the Information you uncovered in the Interview- In this section you will use examples from your interview to illustrate specific elements of the change theory.
5. Conclusion Summarize what you learned about the leader in this assignment in the context of change management in a global environment. In addition, provide recommendations for what the individual and/or the organization can do in the future to enhance or maintain global change management.
Remember to express all of the above in the context of Organizational Change Management and Innovation.
Your paper must be 10-15 pages, double-spaced, and include a cover page with an appropriate title.
You must use a minimum of 5 sources for your paper (the interview can be used as one of the sources).
APA compliance is required. 
Your interview paper must include the following information.
    Name of Person Interviewed
    Telephone Number
    eMail Address
    Date of Interview
    The list of questions you prepared for the interview.

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Global change management executive interview paper


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