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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Proof Analysis.Hal and Claire are depicted as intelligent representatives who are not the genius and who have contended to the adoption of the everyday world of accomplishment. Since Hal understands genius, he covers it for him alone keeping in mind that the stroke of genius will forever elude him. On the other hand, Claire sees her father as the genius, but she never understands the nature of genius or even its worth. She generally thinks that Catherine is emotionally unstable, and she is in need of looking after. Claire does not see the genius at all. The theme of trust comes in when Robert believes in his trust for Catherine and his capability in Math. Following Act 1 scene 1, a vision of Robert is shown to see how Catherine had potential and informs Catherine not to waste her talent.t (Auburn2) Additionally, in Act 2 scene 1, Robert believes in Catherine’s capability, and thus, he supported her in enrolling in Northwestern (Auburn 27). In scene 4 of Act 2, Robert continues to show his belief in Catherine’s capabilities by offering a deal of collaborating with her since he viewed her as his equal in math. (Auburn 39)The author’s message was to inform the public to trust someone always no matter how he/she presents himself/herself. With the help of the characters, the author is successful in portraying his theme of trust. Additionally, he shows how love is important and sometimes might disappoint you. The characters played well in portraying what David Auburn wanted to pass out to the public.

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