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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Applications of software: Microsoft Excel and Statistical Package.The scope of customer relationship management particularly involves data collection, analysis of the collected data and applications of the developed information for decision-making. One of the examples in which technology has been helpful in customer service is through its data collection process such as through social networks that are cheap and time efficient. This has facilitated data collection on customers’ opinions about organizations and their products. Technology has been helpful in the customer care process through facilitating data analysis, a process that has allowed organizations to understand patterns in consumers’ behavior and underlying factors that contributes to these behaviors. Such an understanding has facilitated appropriate response to consumer’s needs. Applications of software such as Microsoft Excel and Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) are examples of technological uses that facilitate data analysis into customer care process. Similarly, technology has facilitated communication between involved stakeholders in customer relationship management. Efficient communication tools such as mobile phones and the internet has for example facilitated communication towards identification of problems and formulation of policies towards solving the identified problems in customer care.I think that technology is an important aspect in building customer loyalty because it forms an avenue towards meeting customers’ needs. A consequently developed.

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