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“Faith, Fortune, and Fame” or “God, Gold, and Glory” — is a slogan that describes the European explorations and conquests that spread Western culture around the world and, in turn, transformed Europe. One of the results is the “Columbian Exchange.” Europeans brought to the Americas cat, horse, garlic, small pox/chicken pox, leprosy, etc. and brought avocado, potato, sunflower, syphilis, etc. back to Europe, via trade routes to Africa, and passed this on to Asia.Watch the video (youtube link below) and in a minimum of 250 words analyze more who you thinks benefited, the old world or the new world:Qui Bono? Who benefited? In which ways did the world benefit from the new discoveries, and in which ways did it regress? Do contemporary trade exchanges and innovations help the global humanity, or just some, or – none?See the origin of the term, and meaning (3 min 34 sec) by viewing The Introduction to Alfred Crosby’sColumbian Exchange:

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