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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Human development writing project. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Looking at it culturally, adolescence’s purpose is to prepare children for the future adult roles. Therefore, this paper presents an analysis of results from an interview with an adolescence which was meant to determine the developmental aspects of this stage. The interview was done on a seventeen year old female.There are several physical features girls do experience during their adolescence stage. From the interview’s results, we learn that girls experience a sequence of events during this stage of transition. To start with, the girl stated her first notable change was the development of the breast buds whereby the breasts and nipples elevate. In addition, she specified encountering a dark area of the skin which surrounds the nipples increasing in size. After some months, the girl noticed her breasts enlarging. Secondly, the pubic hair was her next feature to notice. This hair was long and soft, mainly found on a small area around her genitals. With time, the hair became dark and coarser as it spread around the genitals. Eventually, the hair turned and appeared like an adult hair in a smaller area. This hair spread to the girl’s stomach. Lastly, the girl stated that her hips began to enlarge two years after her breasts began to develop (Wise, 2000).Cognitive features are always characterized by an adolescent’s ability to reason abstractly due to a combination of expanding opportunities in the environment and maturation of the brain. In addition, culture and education are greater contributors to the onset and development of mature reasoning. Thus, the girl gave account of how she developed hypothetical and deductive reasoning. she was in a position to think and relate events in a flexible manner, identify possibilities in problem solving and ended up with a number of options of solutions for a given problem.

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