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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on What Do I Want To Get Out of Communication in Public Organizations Class. It needs to be at least 250 words.I intend to understand the professional uses of communication from the class. The models of communication form the core of understanding the use language and communication skills in diverse scenarios. Mastery of effective communication skills defines professionalism. The focus on the use of professionalism in communication is essential to the management processes. That justifies my intention to have a perfect mastery of professionalism in communication.Communication for personal attributes also helps individuals by enhancing their relationship with others. I expect to develop good personal relations with everyone with whom I interact. It provides preparation for practical approaches to communicating with people from diverse cultures at the workplace. The classes should help me shape my relationship with other people and professionals through high level of competence in communication. The class should enhance my understanding of various communication models. Understanding the models of communication will help develop desired relations with other people. Further, I intend to master knowledge of public relations for international organizations. The class will enhance my knowledge of creating proper organizational reputation. Attending the class, therefore, constitutes a fundamental aspect of in enhancing my professional

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