HOSP110/ Final Project

HOSP110/ Final Project.

For this final assignment, you will be creating a food safety manual to be used in your own home.  There is a suggested table of contents listed below, but it is up to you to fully address each section.  You may add to the table of contents, but you may not delete anything.  Remember, this is for use in your own home, so it should be specific to your home.  So if you are a parent of small children, you may be including different information than a single retired adult.  Take into account the structure of your family, and who typically shops for, stores, prepares, serves, and consumes food in your home.

Do NOT include the explanations in parentheses that follow the table of contents elements these are to help clarify what should be included but DO include page numbers for reference.

Please do NOT copy and paste charts from various websites.  Anyone can copy and paste.  That does not show that you understand the concepts.  Visuals are encouraged either create your own or if you must use an existing visual, be sure to give credit to the creator of the image.  You should cite your sources using APA format for in-text citations.  So if you have a list of internal cooking temperatures (hint, hint), cite the source that you used to find those temperatures.

This is for you to demonstrate what you have learned and how you would share your food safety knowledge with your family and friends.  Have fun with this.

HOSP110/ Final Project


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