Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management.

Write a narrative explaining your proposed facility and overall concept. Include information about whether (and how well) this type of cuisine is already represented in your market, and the reasons you believe it will succeed in this market. In addition, discuss what types of design professionals you will seek to hire for this project.

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Your narrative should include details of: Your target market(s), the days and hours of operation, the service system you will use, how many employees you will need, if you decide to include a bar or lounge, discuss those implications in terms of necessary square footage, employees, etc., list and explain the permits that will be required from your municipal or state government, including their cost, for all facilities in this Action Plan (except the QSR), we will assume that desserts and breads will be made on-premise. Be sure to address these needs.

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DO NOT INCLUDE THE NARRATIVE information above by repeating the entire paragraph anywhere on your submission response paper

Hospitality Management


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