How do plants move water, sugar and minerals (leaves to roots and roots to leaves)?

Plants   1) How do plants move water, sugar and minerals (leaves to roots and roots to leaves)? 2) Why does fruit contain so much water?   3 )  on separate page The socio economic impact of producing energy from dry ice on existing energy producing entities ie: gas, oil, coal and electric companies   Copy questions   Please also include these key words Biology: Xylem, Phloem, stroma, Roots- Endodermis Key Words Chemistry: Osmosis, Cohesive forces. Adhesives forces, water potential, pressure gradients. Active transport etc   2 PAGES , NO DOUBLE SPACE]]>

GET HELP  How does the epidemiologic triad apply to health issues we see in the hospital? What are some common diagnoses in the acute care setting? What about in the community setting? How does the epidemiologic triad differ when a nurse is providing care to someone in the community or in his home? Does the nurse have more or less control in either arena?


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