How does the plan change once cases outnumber public health and clinical resources to manage?

Agent Name: Briefly summarize the superweapon you selected and its epidemiology. The most significant component of this section will center around what makes this agent epidemiologically difficult to address from a public health perspective. ·        Diagnostic Tests: How will diagnosis occur in sick patients, both clinically and in the laboratory? Also discuss how technology and research and development will allow for enhancements to minimize downtime on diagnoses. ·        Treatment: What will the tertiary public health prevention (treatment) be for the agent? Discuss potential for resistance or agent adaptation and sensitivity to the treatment. Will the treatment work in all populations? What costs will be expected if it is a new treatment being developed (in addition to the time spent in the pandemic developing a new treatment). ·        Clinical Treatment of Hospitalized Patients: What control measures and universal precautions will be utilized? Will isolation factor in your strategy? ·        Epidemiological Control of Cases in Community: How will you control the cases, contacts, and immediate environment of those who are not hospitalized? ·        Preventive Measures: Is there an expectation of a vaccine to be developed? Are there other control measures to consider? ·        Epidemic Measures: How does the plan change once cases outnumber public health and clinical resources to manage? ·        Disaster Implications: Discuss social, psychological, economic, labor, transportation, and other aspects relevant to your plan. ·        International Measures: What is the level and function of World Health Organization involvement? Discuss participation and assistance from health agencies from around the world. After creating a plan and quelling the super bioweapon, complete a summary report on your vision of the expected summary and convalescence of the agent release. How many people were sickened? How many countries were affected? On how many continents did the agent affect? How many deaths resulted? Was it eradicated? Assess the social, psychological, and economic impact of the pandemic. You will also want to dedicate part of your conclusion discussing the lessons learned from this event to prevent a future pandemic or intentional releases of another superweapon.]]>

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