How is this ACO organized?

Please submit a 4- to 5-page paper that lists all types of managed care plans/products offered by an employer and compare the features (e.g., employee cost sharing, premium contribution, covered benefit, freedom of provider choice, and so on) between these offered MCO plans. If the employer also offers a CDHP plan, include it in your discussion.

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2. Conduct some preliminary research on the initiatives and formation of one ACO in any state of your choice.

a. How is this ACO organized?

b. How do payers pay this ACO?

c. How are payments distributed among the providers within this ACO?

d. What are the quality measures used to evaluate the performance of this ACO? And what are the rewards and penalties for performance quality

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Please make sure paper is double-spaced, 12 Font, Times New Roman with a 7% or less plagiarism report.


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