How to develop a research question for an essay

How to develop a research question for an essay.

informal Essay
For this assignment you will visit the Library Resources and Academic Integrity page, complete at least one tutorial or workshop, reflect on what you have learned, and set some personal goals in a brief informal essay

Written Assignment Instructions
In your essay, please be sure to respond to the following guiding questions:

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Which tutorial(s) did you complete?
What did you learn from the tutorial(s) that you can apply in your coursework?
What personal academic goals will you set for yourself for this course?

The course is Child Development

The tutorial is how to pick a research topic

Learning Objectives
At the end of this section, you will be able to:
develop a sufficiently narrow research question from a broader starting topic.
get background information on and increase your understanding of terminology related to your research topic, using reference sources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.

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How to develop a research question for an essay


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