Human Psychology and Human-Computer Interface

Human Psychology and Human-Computer Interface. In this assignment, you will study how human psychology and behavior drive the development of human-computer interface.
Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about the following:

  • HCI
  • How human psychology impacts HCI
  • How human behavior impacts HCI

Using your own life experiences, analyze how your screens and computer-supported media and information have changed over time. Consider analogue information, such as books and magazines, and analyze what happens to media, information, and entertainment as it moves from paper to screen. Consider what happens when you are watching a film on the big screen or on the television, on the small screen, and now on real small screens, such as tablets and smart phones.
Based on your research and analysis of your own experiences, complete the following discussions:

  • Discuss the type of individuals we need to become to consume the varied media mentioned above.
  • Discuss how HCI, human psychology, and human behavior are closely related in terms of media creation and consumption.
  • Discuss how play and entertainment have changed for yourself and your family over the past twenty years, due to digital recreation, such as games and interactive storytelling on computers, smart phones, and the Internet.

Human Psychology and Human-Computer Interface


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