Identify the laws of employment practices that managers follow.

Identify the laws of employment practices that managers follow..

Identify the laws of employment practices that managers follow.

Introduction: In your Reading in Chapters 1, 3, and 15, you examined some of the laws impacting the human resources function. In this Assessment, you will read a scenario and identify the laws and actions to be addressed by this hospital in order to be in legal compliance.

Scenario: Wings Hospital has had a busy week. Two issues have arisen: (1) an employee was dismissed just prior to unionization, and (2) a veteran was interviewed but not hired for a position and is alleging discrimination and harassment.

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The hospital has just been unionized, and an employee was dismissed who was a designated union representative. The employer said she was found chatting with other employees on social media about the union during the lunch break on company computers 24 hours before the union was voted in, and the former employee filed a charge with the regional labor relations office.

In addition, the companys CEO has received a charge of discrimination and harassment regarding a female veteran who was interviewed but not hired for an insurance coordinator position. The veteran claims the interviewer was making unseemly gestures towards her during the interview.

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You can consult both your assigned chapter reading and the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) website to address the checklist items below:


Identify the labor relations law(s) pertaining to the two dismissed employees.
State the potential steps that will be taken by the NLRB regarding the charges filed by the former employee.
Identify the EEOC laws related to the alleged discrimination and harassment charges brought by the veteran who was interviewed but not hired.
State remedies or actions needed to be taken by the HR Department/Wings Hospital to comply with the EEOC and labor relations laws that applied to this scenario.
Access the MT203M1 Competency Assessment rubric. 

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Write your original response in a minimum of a 2-page paper (i.e., 500 words) with additional title and reference pages in APA format and citation style, addressing the checklist items.

For additional help with APA, see Academic Writer in the Academic Tools area.

Minimum Submission Requirements

  This Assessment should be submitted in a Microsoft Word (minimum 500 words) document with additional title and reference pages and the paper should follow APA format and citation style.

  Respond to all of the checklist items in a thorough manner.

Identify the laws of employment practices that managers follow.


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