International Development homework help

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Are science and technology spinning beyond social control and taking on a life of their own Give examples and clear reasons for your answer.It is crucial to highlight that science and technology presents significant challenges to cultural values and norms. While it is true that the intervention of science and technology is instrumental for the advancement of these aspects, it is also true that when left unchecked, science and technology can damage the society. Consequently, it is fundamental to investigate whether science and technology spin beyond the social control, and take a life of its own. This will set the stage for adapting corrective measures that empower societies and their inhabitants.Science and technology has ensured the provision of significant material benefits and improved standards of living and medical care. However, several challenges arising from the consumption of resources characterize science especially in a society characterized by struggles (Bridgstock, Burch, Forge, Laurent, & Lowe, 1998, p. 83). Although a few of these challenges have managed to elude man’s control, there are several strategies put in place to ensure that technology and science do not negatively affect the society and its life support systems.The society has social controls to ensure that technological problems have remedial solutions. Besides, the institutions and values of society always determine the application and progression of science and technology. Consequently, several organizations are formulating humane and coherent social controls over science and technology. External interventions are necessary for the successful utilization of science in the society regardless of its role in the development process. It is clear that the society has essential controls on science and technology because it controls science and technology through regulations, management, and funding. Besides, it also controls society through liability litigation and limitation of litigation, ensuring the participation of the public and offering prior

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