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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Review( The world of tourism and travel).This review will mainly concentrate on chapter 4 and 5 of the book.Chapter 4 mainly pertains to the discussion in regard to the features of the underlying tourism products. Alan depicts that tourism is not solely concern with service provision but also focus on delivering of high quality services, which purely prompt a memorable and enjoyable experience on the tourist. Site is normally related with good memories thus making them most preferred and reasonable. This argument is valid since quality delivery ought to be the essential for every tourism sector. Moreover, services that encompass transport, accommodation and leisure activities are fundamental in regard to attraction, preservation and subsequent contentment of the underlying customers. I chose this chapter because it mainly focused on the prospect of the tourist products, which is very fundamental in making appropriate decisions when purchasing the products.Chapter 5 mainly concern Tourist Profiles that is utilized by Alan Collier in analysis of nature of a tourist. Alan’s research stipulates that a tourist ought to be motivated in order to achieve their underlying function for travelling and traversing the universe in an attempt of learning diverse things Thus, level of motivation is normally accomplished through delivery of high quality services to the customer service . Modern tourist requires relatively better experience in order to enjoy their trip. Therefore, with the desired recommended level of satisfaction customer normally prefer best facility within the market. The book importance since it helps tourist to pick appropriate location for vacation. It has been extremely helpful to me in comprehending the modern concepts of the tourism industry and to predict its underlying prospect dynamics. This chapter has attracted my attention because of the nature of products of high quality servicesI recommend that this book is extremely resourceful since it offers

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