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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Professionalism values and ethics.This report aims at investigating how professional values and ethics are employed by the architect contracted to turn UAL Campus. The design’s main goal was to optimise connections between departments within the building, which include the movement of materials and students. The idea behind the design can be said to be the same historical reason, which comprised movement of grain around the granary using wagons.This report will analyse comprehensively the purpose retrofitting and architectural design of University of Arts London, Kings Cross campus in the context of the build environment. The historic, economic, aesthetic and ecological context of the built environment will be evaluated in terms of professionalism, values and ethics. There are a range of factors that shape the built environment posing an architectural dilemma that need to be solved in adherence to professional values and ethics of architect. This project was considered for this paper since the building exemplifies an exemplary conversation of a derelict historic building into a glorious public space and still retain sustainable values (Harries, 1998). Some of the questions that emerged from people with regards from this case include:The architects commissioned were Stanton Architects to design the campus that was estimated to cost £200 million in the Grade II listed Granary Complex. The university sought to transform the historical building into an aesthetic centre of learning which would be sustainable enough to meet the needs of the students and those of the community too.The University of Arts London campus project was completed in 2011. The building consolidates the Central Saint Martins’ college’s activities under one roof. It comprises of the Granary Building, Eastern Transit Shed, and there are two new four storey studio buildings. The environmental location of this project is very impressive as well as the atmosphere (Fox 2012). It is in

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