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<14 - Tutorial Part 2The Arrhenius Equation<4 of 18an Review | Constants | Periodic TableThe Arrhenius equation shows the relationship between therate constant & and the temperature T in kelvins and istypically written asHAk = Ae Eal RTwhere R is the gas constant (8.314 J/mol . K), A is aT2 =ValueUnitsconstant called the frequency factor, and Ea is the activationenergy for the reaction.SubmitHowever, a more practical form of this equation isIn kiEaFRTIVPart Bwhich is mathmatically equivalent tok1Given that the initial rate constant is 0.0190s" at an initial temperature of 23 .C , what would the rate constant be at a temperature of 180. C forthe same reaction described in Part A?where k1 and k2 are the rate constants for a single reactionExpress your answer with the appropriate two different absolute temperatures (T1 and T2).View Available Hint(s)HA6 0 0 6 ?K2 =ValueUnitsSubmitProvide FeedbackNext >

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