Languages homework help

(1)forced association (2)storytelling (3)assumption reversal these are the three different tactics and apply them to three different unique problems (or one problem to see how they generate different outcomes ) .ensure that provide an explanation of the tactics ,where you got it from ,any conceptual or contextual knowledge relevant ,and show how it used it to generate novel ideas ,solutions or potentially creative outcomes .then choose a convergent tactic for each wittle down and distil out the final solution set from each divergent tacticfor example :You may post three different problems that you explore using three different divergent and convergent tools, or one problem space using three different divergent and convergent tools. Ensure that you follow the instructions of the divergent or convergent tool processes, cite where you got the tool from, and then evaluate the level of creativity generated by your exercise in each of the three problems.This week your evaluation will be based entirely on what you post (.5 for each problem broken down = 1.5 and .5 for evaluating your own creativity).

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