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Compose a 1250 words assignment on how did hip-hop start. Needs to be plagiarism free! Contrary to popular belief, hip hop music was not originally an American invention. Although one can of course claim that due to the fact that it of all within the United States, it somehow holds the title of being American, the fact of the matter is that DJ Kool Herc was originally Jamaican and had only come to the United States three years prior to exhibiting this unique style of music within the birthday party he presided over. Before delving into the actual nuts and bolts of how hip-hop was defined within DJ Kool Herc’s individual style, it is necessary to discuss some of the primal influences that he experienced within Jamaica. Firstly, it can and should be understood by the reader that Jamaica represented a unique environment in which former African slaves far outnumbered Caucasians. As a function of the way in which British trade, sugar plantations, run manufacturing, and slave trading were affected for much of Jamaica’s history, this demographic differential was realized. In such a way, as compared to the United States Jamaica had a more homogenous culture that shared in distinct societal, musical, religious, and other levels of self identification and oneness. In such a way, DJ Kool Herc’s early influence was with regards to the fact that he was raised in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston, and regularly accompanied his father’s band in many musical performances (Brunson 7). One particular aspect of DJ Kool Herc’s style that was developed and evolved within Jamaica was with regards to how he emulated the toasting style that many Jamaican DJs utilize as a means of talking over four toasting the records he spun.

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