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Write a 15 pages paper on takeover regulation. The hostile takeover occurs when managers from the desired organization refuse the acquisition tender or merger request, and the original organization continues to pursue the acquisition through alternative, yet legal means. As one would assume this process occurs within a variety of structured regulations that differ between countries. Notably, in the United Kingdom defensive tactics by managers are prohibited, whereas in the United States, Delaware law gives managers a good deal of room to manoeuvre. The purpose of this investigation then is the critical assessment of the divergent regulatory patterns for defensive actions against takeovers within the United States and the United Kingdom. Additionally, the analysis proposes a means of improving on the current practice. Overview Structural Significance of Takeover Regulation In recent years one of the most comprehensive analyses of the divergent takeover regulatory patterns between the United States and the United Kingdom was presented in Armour and Skeel’s ‘The Divergence of U.S.

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