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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Who were the Essenes Summarize at least three ways in which Essene practice and belief may have influenced Christianity.e Essenes were an important group because they flourished and shared some views with other groups of the same time such as early rabbinic Jews and Christians». Therefore, this means that certain views and beliefs produced profound effect on Christianity on the early stages of its development.First of all, the core belief shared by the members of Essene brotherhood was the idea of messianism, i.e. upcoming arrival of the Messiah. According to the Dead Seas Scrolls, Essenes can be called the religious community, in which the idea of messianism flourished (Patella). This sect was against any weapons, though they would carry it only as a means of protection against robbers and were ready to use it only in struggle against the forces of evil, when the Messiah would come to rescue the God’s people. Impact of these beliefs can be traced in foundations of the New Testament Christianity, as the idea of Jesus Christ as a messiah who came to redeem all sins of people is in the core of Christian belief.Secondly, the form of organization practiced by the Essenes can be paralleled to that of the early Christian church. The community was ruled by the collegium consisting of 12 priests. Later, in the apostolic period, the church was headed by the twelve apostles. The structure of Essene sect incorporated bishops, priests, churches, gospels, disciples etc. – church hierarchy and organization probably inspired that of Christianity, along with the way of Holy Scriptures’ allegorical interpretation. This statements seems especially plausible, as Essenes existed long before the dawn of the New Testament Christianity.Thirdly, there is a considerable number of customs and traditions that seem to be borrowed by early Christianity from the Essenes. For example, the latter lived in communities, rejected money, served each other and mainly observed celibacy – these features can be easily traced in monastic rules of Christian church. The principles guiding their lifestyle must

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