leadership and management

leadership and management.

first two pages for the 6 questions the other 4 pages for the tasks. please write task 1 task 2 etc Question 1
List the benefits of an in-house coaching and mentoring program to:   
    The organisation
    The participant (mentee)
    The mentor

Question 2
What are the key qualities and skills an effective workplace mentor or coach should have? (Identify at least six)

Question 3
Identify three barriers that the participant may have to the coaching process and one strategy to overcome each barrier (you may wish to consider the Learning Pathway, barriers to learning, cultural, vocational and educational background, etc.).

Question 4
Identify four workplace challenges which might be resolved with an in-house coaching program (you may wish to consider the work environment, contractual obligations, internal policies and procedures, etc. which may impact on the coaching program).

Question 5
Identify at least three potential organisational barriers to an effective coaching program and one strategy you might implement to overcome each barrier.

Question 6
When evaluating a program, what criteria might you use to determine its success? (answer this question from the perspective of the organisation, the participant, and the mentor/workplace coach)


    Acknowledge any information you have used (websites, books etc.) by referencing the original source
    Provide examples and evidence of what you are saying, attach additional documents and work samples where appropriate to demonstrate your competency
Task 1
Develop, design and document an in-house workplace coaching plan including the following:
    Consider what type of workplace coaching or mentoring program might be required
    Identify workplace challenges that might be overcome by coaching
    The identification process of suitable participants where there are benefits to both the employee and the organisation complete Activity 11 Coach /Mentor Readiness Assessment
    Develop a plan of structured learning activities, competency requirements and program guidelines focusing on interactive learner engagement
    Relationship management how you built and developed rapport and trust, the need for confidentiality and dealing with people related issues such as time management, working with peers, communicating the process to other staff, etc.
    Produce a proposed timeframe of the coaching activity – Utilise a mini diary or timeline of activities, meetings and milestones
    Develop a short induction (agenda or dot points) for the candidate quantifying their needs, mutual goal agreement, setting ground rules/understanding of expectations
    Propose a Review (progress and final) process utilise the session record sheet from the Coaching and Mentoring workbook or something similar
    An evaluation of the process including a reflection and self-evaluation/analysis.
Develop a process to seek feedback from employee and management to enhance future workplace coaching activities and for sharing program successes and areas of improvement within the organisation

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Task 2
Implement your coaching/mentoring program- if you are not able to work with an individual in your workplace, work with an individual outside of the work environment. However, the emphasis still needs to be developing workplace relevant skills.

Task 3
Now look at how you would modify your approach and coaching delivery method style to accommodate the needs of a different individual/employee with potential inclusion/integration concerns (specific needs) such as age, for example, younger and mature age employees, cultural background, language or education, employees with a disability, employees who are being re-trained etc. 
Indicate specific strategies to address the modification process for each of the steps, paying particular attention to the needs of the learner (participant) and any specific skills or qualities the workplace coach/mentor may need to have to facilitate learning.

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Task 4
Implement the second modified coaching plan.

Task 5
Write an evaluation of the feedback received from the in class simulations and both the workplace coaching experiences. Compare, reflect on and document the differences as well as the similarities.
Examine each of the key areas of:
    Establishing, developing, implementing and reviewing the workplace learning pathway
    Establishing, developing, implementing, closing and evaluating the learning/facilitation relationship
    The mentoring plans effectiveness   
    Identifying potential strengths and weaknesses of the participant and the mentor
    As a result of conducting this workplace coaching activity, are there any other activities the organisation needs to consider or implement to assure success of future in-house workplace coaching programs

leadership and management


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