Leslie Marmon Silko

Leslie Marmon Silko.

This video about Leslie Marmon Silko you should gather information from the video to make the presentation. Add pictures also please.


Powerpoint Presentations  should synthesize the main points of the documentary and evaluate the authors/directors main arguments or narrative style, theme, etc. You may also provide historical background, biographical information of the author, or review current literary/historical criticism of the works. The PPs should be a minimum of 12 slides and no more than 20 slides. Each PP should include a title page slide that includes your name and the title of the work you are presenting on, a questions slide that provides at least two questions for your peers to respond to, and a works cited/bibliography slide that includes the websites and secondary sources you cited in your PP.) These three slides (i.e. title page, questions, works cited) will not be counted as part of the ten slide minimum. My criteria for grading your PP will be based partly but not exclusively on the following:

Biographical information of the author if pertinent (if you do include this information, it should only take up 1-2 slides)
Summary of the essay/article/documentary
Critical analysis that includes your thoughts on the reading(s) that go beyond summary (these comments can be in the notes section of the PP or within each slide)
Your inclusion of secondary sources including essays outside those read for class, websites, youtube videos, etc.

Leslie Marmon Silko


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