Marketing (MKTG)

Marketing (MKTG).


Lesson 1: Integrated Marketing Communications
Lesson 2: Organizing for IMC
Lesson 3: Consumer Behaviour, Target Audience Decisions, and Brand Positioning
Lesson 4: Objectives for the IMC Plan
Lesson 5: Creative Strategy Decisions
Lesson 6: Creative Tactics Decisions
Lesson 7: Measuring the Effectiveness of the Promotional Message
Lesson 8: Media Planning and Budgeting for IMC
Lesson 9: Broadcast Media
Lesson 10: Print, Out-of-Home, and Support Media
Lesson 11: Sales Promotion
Lesson 12: Public Relations
Lesson 13: Direct Marketing and Internet Media
Lesson 14: Regulatory, Ethical, Social, and Economic Issues for IMC

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Marketing (MKTG)


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