Mathematics homework help

Q1. A gas is allowed to expand adiabatically. The initial pressure and volume arePini= 191-atm and Vini= 173-L respectively, while the final pressure and volume are equal toPfin= 0.00674×Piniand Vfin= 20.1×Vini. What is the change in the total internal energy? (Please include the sign.)Q2. PM?-3-3Q3. A rod of constant cross-sectional area has conductivity ?1, and conducts heat at a constant rate between two reservoirs held at T1 and T2 respectively. It takes t1 = 10.4-s to conduct Q = 28.6-J of heat across the rod. How much time would it take to conduct the same amount of heat if half the length of the rod were replaced with a material with conductivity ?2 = n·?1, where n = 3.7?Thx, in a big harry!

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