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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Ethics in Research: Protection of Human Participants.Some research undertakings may have side effects that will affect the subjects’ health. Therefore, it would be unethical not to inform the potential subjects what the research entails and the possible side effects. If the researcher fails to inform the subjects, he/she may be criminally and civilly liable for any risks the subjects are exposed to due to the research.Privacy is also one of the core freedoms guaranteed by the law. Accordingly, the research should not breach such a liberty. However, privacy may be breached if the subject consents to the conditions of the research. Consent is then a vital aspect of research studies, which involve human beings (Salkind, 2012). Privacy also entails the confidentiality of information or the results that the researcher will obtain from the studies. Such information should only be used for the study only. Finally, the researcher should have no conflicting interests. Conflicting interest may comprise the results of the research since the researcher is not focussed entirely on the outcome or the results. Conflict in interests normally obscures a professional’s ability to make a correct judgment with regard to the core objective of the undertaking. In cases involving human beings, the results or the processes of the research may be compromised due to the conflict in interest posing danger to the users of the results or the human

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