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Compose a 1000 words essay on Goodwill and CSR. Needs to be plagiarism free!This means that it is left up to the management and leadership teams of commercial enterprises to determine whether such policies and procedures require development and how to effectively cope in the midst of a crisis situation that relies on the business extending a goodwill gesture for community support. Kyoto University (2007) offers that successful business operations are irrefutably linked with trust-building efforts with community citizens and stakeholders. Therefore, lack of legal backing and the undeniable truth that business success is linked to trust somewhat forces management and leadership to consider the value of corporate social responsibility when making goodwill decisions such as those proposed in the case studies.&nbsp.In the event that a situation occurred where a business is dependent on market stability and customer interactions as part of their supply chain, crisis scenarios in which the business is called upon to extend physical support such as using the facility as a disaster triage center represents a considerable risk. In the case involving Kaspa Financial Services, there were concerns over potential liability claims for disaster victims who might choke on their food offerings as well as lost revenues from disgruntled shareholders (to name only a few). The financial and reputational risks to the business were significant if the company decided to offer the facilities to the disposal of disaster management personnel and victims of the disaster.

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