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Respond to the following threaded discussion in two, well-written paragraphs using evidence from the readings and lecture material by Tuesday and respond to at least two peers by the following Sunday. Students may use parenthetical references to cite the class readings. Include the author and page number of the class book at the end of a sentence in the following form (Hoffman, 72). Be sure to explain the significance of any quotes you use from the readings; however, use quotes sparingly. Main posts should consist of at least 275 words including one quote per paragraph. If you use more than one quote per paragraph, then you should not count those quotes toward the word minimum.Using the primary and secondary sources in Major Problems and the American Promise, describe American attitudes toward U.S. Imperialism in the Pacific and Latin America and assess how they shaped and reflected American foreign policies of the late nineteenth century. In your analysis also refer to at least one political cartoon contained in the Power point for the unit. Tie your analysis of your selected political cartoon into the readings.  See a link to the political cartoons here:

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