Medication Analysis

Medication Analysis.

Pharmacology 3145 Medication Analysis diphenhydramine Generic/Brand Name, Indications, Off Label Use,Nursing Implications, Health Teaching
In a paragraph, explain how Duffy’s Caring Model (Chap 3) was applied to create a healing environment for a client that will lead to maximal effects of diphenhydramine medication. answer questions below as well.

Discuss diphenhydramine Generic/Brand Name, diphenhydramine Indications, diphenhydramine Off Label Use, Nursing Implications for diphenhydramine, Health Teaching for diphenhydramine.

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3-4 paragraphs format APA

references : Aschenbrenner, D. & Veneable, S. (2012). Drug Therapy in Nursing (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer Health.

Duffy, J. R. (2013). Quality caring: In nursing and health systems (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co. Lippincott, W. (2017).

Nursing 2018 drug handbook (38th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.

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Medication Analysis


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