1. What are some challenges associated with working conditions in a globalized economy that effect US workers?
  2. Explain the slave like conditions in the US Agricultural markets that impact immigration rights policy.
  3. What is your opinion of unions?
  4. What is your parents or a family member position of unions?
  5. What position does most companies take on unions? How to they argue for or against them?
  6. How do unions shape labor conditions? Also, why do you think union membership in the U.S. is so low?
  7. Unions can play a vital role in improving working conditions for workers in a globalized economy. From the Bowe’s readings, please describe two ways unions can improve working conditions in the agricultural industry.
  8. In your research on agricultural workers what realities of their lives you found most disturbing about their working conditions. Please be specific and cite your source.
  9. Please identify two reasons agricultural workers leave their homeland to work in the fields of American agricultural for low pay. Is it possible that free market competition benefits big corporations and undermine local farmers in Mexico?
  10. Please explain the how the working conditions described in Bowe’s book related to trade policy like (NAFTA).
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