For this week’s discussion, we will expand on the non-alcoholic beverage business you began developing in the Week 1 discussion. As part of your business plan, you will be required to conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in Assignment 2.

For this weeks discussion, please respond to the following:

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Discuss three OPPORTUNITIES you can identify for your NAB business. Briefly describe each and clarify how your business can grow by pursuing each opportunity.

(Post from week one)

Create your Non-Alcoholic Beverage company name and explain the significance of the name.

The name of my beverage is Quench. This drink will be very satisfying and healthy.

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Describe the beverage you will produce (key ingredients and any flavors you will offer).

Quench is a fruit, vegetable, and water drink that is 100% natural and gives your body electrolytes. This drink will have all fruit flavors like (peach, apple, pineapple) vegetables (cucumber, tomato, beet) and water which will be like an infused water.


Develop your company’s Mission Statement.

Quench is an all-natural drink that assists with giving your body a healthy way to stay hydrated, but a good flavor to enjoy.



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