Location, significant geographic features (deserts, major mountain ranges, major bodies of water, etc.), any other major significant geography features (important cities, major rivers, industrial zones, etc.), Demographics: population size and density, population growth rate, life expectancy, age breakdown, ethnic groups, religions, languages, literacy rates (include gender rates), education level. Major cultural traits or characteristics Economy: major occupations and industries, Gross Domestic Product per capita, poverty rate or income gap, energy sources, major imports/exports, major trade partners, external debt and foreign aid (if any) Transportation, Communications and Technology Situations Military: size, spending (total dollar amount and percentage of GDP), weapons of mass destruction (if any), significant current conflicts. Government: Type of government, size, significant leaders or personalities, relationship with citizens, human rights issues (if any), relations with neighbors, alliances, membership in International organizations and United Nations Involvement. Brief significant History: Wars, major events, colonial past (if any). The paper is supposed to be a country profile of Pakistan with all the above listed information.

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