part of order 1

part of order 1.

    Writing Style: First person (you are writing this marketing plan as though you will be presenting it to management in the organization)
    Font: Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman; 12-point font size
    Margins: 1 inch left/right and top/bottom margins
    Single space the body of the report
    Double Space (1 blank) between paragraphs
    Triple Space (2 blank) between major headings and the first line of a new section
    Major Headings: Bolded, underlined 14pt type and left justified
    Secondary Headings: Bolded, underlined 12 pt type and left justified
    A minimum of three lines of copy at the bottom and top of pages
    Upper or lower right hand corner or center bottom, including landscaped pages
    Include page numbers of all appendices pages
    APA style citations

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part of order 1


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