personal essay

personal essay.

This is a university admission entrance essay. please write it great.
Please check with me before writing any information about me.

5 questions to answer: (each at least  400 words).

1- Briefly, please indicate the most influential factors in your original decision to attend your present college, such as location, cost, size of student body, only option, special program offered, Early Decision plan, etc.

2- What alternatives to transferring from college to Harvard University are you considering?

3- Please indicate your field of specialization and briefly outline your academic plans at Harvard University.

4- What are your current postgraduate/career plans?

5- Briefly discuss one book that has strongly influenced you.

Informations about me:
I am pre-medical student. I want to become a Doctor. I am doing hospital works for volunteer and doing health scholars programs to become more comfortable about medical fields.
In order to apply for medical school; I want to get a bachelors degree in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology (HDRB). this would develop my interest and I would become more familiar with human.

personal essay


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