Philosophy homework help

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Gender and Mentoring.Female are more in to talking things out and expressing their feeling to maintain a healthy mentor and student relationship. Even when they have conversation with student of same gender they always try to build a new relation.Mentor-selection process is whether to be mentored by a man or a woman, The research on gender and mentoring has found that there are consistent differences in mentoring relationships between males and females but I don’t think gender is really matter because I’ve had mentors in different fields of different genders, It’s about shared values more than anything, I haven’t found gender to matter at all cause what’s mattered to me is someone’s perspective—how able are they to see the big picture and their performance.Ensher, E.A., & Murphy, S.E., The Mentoring Relationship Challenges Scale: The impact of mentoring stage, type, and gender, Journal of Vocational Behavior (2010),

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