Philosophy homework help

USE MYSQL TO SOLVE PROBLEMAttachment 1Attachment 2PERSONNEL (PID, LName, FName, Phone, HireDate, Mgr#, PType]Ftype: housekeeping or activity guideMgre – employee’s manager numberAssignedCondos: the condoHOUSEKEEPING (HKID, AssignedCondos)numbers that have beenassigned for cleaning.CLEANING (Condo#, DateCleaned, HKID)Bdems – number of bedrooms in unitCONDOS (Condo#, Bidgil, UnitNum, Sqrift, Bdrms, Baths, WeeklyFee)Baths – number of baths in unitCONDOSTAYS (Condo#, Guest#, StartDate, EndDate]StartDate -arrivalEndDate – departureFAMILIES (Guest#, FName, Relationship, Birthdate]Guest’s children:Relationship: son/daughterGUESTS (Guest#, ALName, RFname, City, State, Phone, SpouseFName)Riname – last name of registered guestRFname – first name of registered guestINVOICE (INV#, Condo#, Guest#)INVOICEDETAILS (INVE, RID, AID)RDate – date of reservationRESERVATIONS (RID, Guest#, AID, GID, RDate, NumberinParty)NumberinParty – number of peopleparticipating in the groupHis-number hours for the activityACTIVITIES (AID, Description, Hrs, PPP, Distance, Type]PPP – price per personDistance – length in milesGUIDES (GID, CertDate, CertRenewDate)

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