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According to a famous conspiracy theory, NASA faked the moon landing and no man has ever stepped foot on the real moon (or been to outer space). Fox television aired a program called Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? Guests on the show argued that NASA technology in the 1960s wasn’t capable of landing on the Moon. Instead, anxious to win the Space Race against Russia any way we could, NASA acted out the Apollo program in movie studies (in Burbank). Neil Armstrong’s historic first steps on another world, the rollicking Moon Buggie rides, even Al Shepard’s arching golf shot over Fra Mauro, it was all filmed in Burbank and not on the moon. According to the TV show, NASA made terrible mistakes in their confirming footage of the moon landing thirty years ago. For instance, photographs of astronauts transmitted “from the Moon” don’t include stars in the dark lunar background-because the astronauts weren’t really in space, but in a darkened studio which had no stars. Again, pictures of Apollo astronauts erecting a U.S. flag on the Moon show the flag rippling with air waves, but there are no air waves on the real Moon. There’s no breeze (or atmosphere) on the Moon, so how can the flag show ripples and waves? And the Moon rocks “brought back” are really just rare rocks found on Earth. QUESTIONS: Analyze each of these claims that try to prove humans couldn’t have landed on the moon as NASA claims. Are these good arguments that the moon landing could not (physically) have taken place?

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