Philosophy homework help

Write 5 pages with APA style on Websites on Marijuana. As the website, sets itself as a “grassroots network and organization of parents and other citizens of the world who are concerned with the ignorant war that continues to be fought against the Cannabis plant and how it is negatively affecting the future generations of this earth”. Thus it becomes obvious that the website presents information that is supposed to assure its readers that the use of marijuana is absolutely safe and should be permitted not only for adults but also for children. As the website’s name is engaged with moms, it means that they emphasize the fact that marijuana is so safe that it can even be used by children.The creators of this website are Serra Frank and Cheryl Shuman who are both moms and dedicated fighters for marijuana’s rights in society. The interesting thing concerning the board of directors is that both women have neither medical nor legal degree to claim themselves as experts on the matter of marijuana. Apart from their lack of education in this sphere, there are no any other reasons to trust the women’s expertise concerning multiple both short and long-term effects of marijuana, because, according to their biographies presented on the website, the women are just mere supporters of marijuana who once decided to create a website to gather other supporters of the drug.On the page that is dedicated to information and some crucial facts about marijuana’s safety, the authors present multiple facts that prove various advantages of marijuana for the human organism. One thing that is definitely worth noticing is that all the facts describe how useful marijuana is and how it helps people with multiple problems (there is even a section about the treatment of cancer cases with marijuana, which sounds really fantastic). Thus the website describes a long-term history of marijuana as a drug and mentions that many years ago people didn’t even think of marijuana as something that could do harm,& the drug had always helped people in various diseases’ treatment. Also, based on some researches, the website asserts that marijuana is not even harmless to a human organism but may even treat human lungs and stops epilepsy.

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