Photography and the Digital Body

Photography and the Digital Body.

The proposed project will involve an investigation into the relationship between photographic practices and the body in the digital age. Photography has undergone a major shift since the emergence of digital technologies. The mobile phone camera in particular has democratized access to photography, transforming it into a widely used form of communication practiced across the globe. In parallel to this shift, the platforms on which photographs are shared have grown exponentially: Instagram is now one of the most popular social media sites today. These shifts have had a profound impact on the way that female, male and non-binary bodies are presented, defined, critiqued and disseminated online.

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The ubiquity of the camera combined with the profound role of social media on everyday life has had a wide-spread impact on the way that we see, understand and relate to the body. The opportunities for further research and critical analysis are vast. This is a quickly shifting territory making this a timely and much needed research project. The research would build on theories on the softimage (Hoelzl & Marie, 2015), the evolution of the image between digital and analogue spheres (Bohr & Sliwinska, 2018) as well as burgeoning work on transnational and cosmopolitical approaches to bodies, identification and the circulation of lens-based images (Meskimmon, 2010; Arnold & Meskimmon, 2016).

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Photography and the Digital Body


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