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Write 10 page essay on the topic Disappearing Genders: Genetic Technologies and Apocalyptic Feminism.This work looks into a problem of disappearing genders from different angles. Now, the problem of gender in its general feminist sense also has in it prominent traces of apocalyptic rhetoric that is linked with the developments in genetic engineering technology, which promises to go beyond existing limitations in the sphere of relations between sexes, and even in the sphere of human procreation. Considering that the notion of gender belongs to the list of the most fundamental conceptions on which every human society has been based, let us take a closer look at this feminist-related debate, and try to obtain a deeper understanding of its premises and consequences.any change or rejection of traditions can hardly be a simple process as there are a lot of hidden factors influencing our life without our realization of them. That the issue of post-gender utopia is equally contingent on a number of cultural developments is convincingly shown by Donna Haraway in her 1991 essay “A Cyborg Manifesto”.The paper concludes that the achievement of complete gender desexualization is not even necessary to attain equal gender status, and that a crucial underlying problem of gender controversy is how to make women realize that if their subconscious utopian longings for a post gender reality free from biological oppression are properly interpreted, they can indeed fully utilize technological developments to their advantage and avoid disruption of the much-valued network of social tradition.

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