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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Course: Second Language Teaching/Article Presentation.Microsoft Office). (4) resource level that enables access to authentic materials (online newspapers. Linguascope). and (5) component technologies that support other host programs (spell and grammar checkers, electronic dictionaries) (Levy, pp. 279-280).1. Given the expanse of evolution and development that has been identified in the article, could educators and second language learners confirm that the current technological applications that aim to develop learning skills in the abovementioned areas are already sufficient to achieve the learning goals that were identified? Explain.2. From the role that technology has assumed in developing language skills, which particular skill/s needs further enhancement to effectively address any eminent weaknesses in technological applications that is currently available? Meaning, what suggestions for improvements could still be recommended in technology to address any of the identified learning

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