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Need an argumentative essay on CVA. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.Changes to documents in version: report of blurred vision, depth insight (Duncan et.al, 1983). Through evaluation of the higher functions such as: Speech if the patient is alert. Position with head slightly elevated and in the neutral position. Sustaining of the bed rest. by providing quiet and calm environment. also restricting visitors and their activities. Intervention of cluster nursing and providing rest period activities in between care activities as well as limiting the duration of the procedure. Inhibit strain at stool, holding breath, administering supplemental oxygen as specified (Burney et.al, 1996).The following reasons may affect the patients readiness or ability to learn: Assessing if the patient is encountering some problems in accepting their conditions. The patient may feel overwhelmed, angry, or depressed (Duncan et.al, 1983).An appropriate referral for a patient with cerebrovascular accident may entail several things. A patient may be referred to a ‘syncope’ clinic over a six-month period where he will be prospectively studied. Initial assessment may integrate ambulatory electrocardiography, carotid sinus massage prior to and following atropine and prolonged head-up tilt (Burney et.al, 1996).The coping skills that a nurse should use in assisting the patient that challenges a younger person consider include: Theoretical basis. Coping area assessed and, Psychometric properties of coping procedures used in studies assessing patients with stroke (Duncan et.al, 1983).Burney, T. L., Senapti, M., Desai, S., Choudhary, S. T., & Badlani, G. H. (1996). Acute cerebrovascular accident and lower urinary tract dysfunction: a prospective correlation of the site of brain injury with urodynamic findings. The Journal of urology, 156(5),

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